Green Magnet Fishing Lights Catch Boatloads Of Fish With The Green Magnet!

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How The Green Magnet Will Swarm Fish To Your Spot Like A Magnet
So You Can Catch Boatloads Of Fish Every Time Out!

The Green Magnet is an industrial strength specialty fishing light. It is built with special gasses and rare earth phosphors and creates a unique spectrum of greenish light.

This spectrum of light has been tested at the University of Michigan - and in the lab they have proven that it attracts more zooplankton organisms than any other spectrum of light. (It is the wavelength of this particular light that the zooplankton are attracted to)

Zooplankton lives in every body of water (both freshwater and saltwater) and is the main source of food for bait fish.

The entire unit is housed in ABS and acrylic industrial strength plastic house and it's water tight for full submersion under water. Once you get to your spot, you'll simply hook the clips to any 12-volt battery source, and submerge the unit underwater.

Within 10 - 15 minutes you will see millions of zooplankton organisms forming huge clusters all around the light (remember, zooplankton is like "candy" to bait fish). As you can guess, another 15 minutes later, bait fish will begin swarming into your spot to feed on all of the zooplankton

It is common to have hundreds (even thousands) of bait fish swarming your spot in a feeding frenzy. The Green Magnet will create a 10' - 15' radius "ball of swarming bait". In fact, there will be so many fish in your spot, it is easy to scoop out as many as you want using only a small net.

The biggest benefit, of course, is that the game fish will sense the vibrations sent out into the water by the bait fish (their prey). They will move in to feed on the bait fish by the hundreds.

The best strategy is to fish the outside edges of the light (and the swarming ball of bait). This is where the game fish will be "hanging out" to pick off the stragglers.

Of course, if you are going for bottom feeders (like catfish) you will want to drop your bait to the bottom, right under all of this activity.

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Mr. Gene Cooper
Hemphill, Texas

I always fish at night using my 4ft. Green Magnet light using minnows. the Green Magnet draws the baitfish by the hundreds. During a period of 25 days of fishing I have caught a total of 396 crappie, 65 yellow bass, and 23 catfish. During a period of five months (April thru August) while fishing on Toledo Bend Lake I caught a total of 998 keeper crappie (minimum length on Toledo Bend is 10 inches). I have caught a lot of 15 inch and 16 inch crappie and I give all of the credit to my Green Magnet 4 ft light. Please find enclosed some pictures of the crappie that I have caught while using the Green Magnet. Also enclosed is a picture of the 2lb. 19 inch crappie that I caught while fishing on Toledo Bend while using the Green Magnet.

9 crappie (2 over 14"). Caught in 2 hours using the Green Magnet.

Gene's showing off 16 crappie he caught using the 4 ft.

The Crappie that Gene is holding was caught on Toledo Bend Lake using a 4ft Green Magnet light, a minnow and lots of skill :-)

Capt. Manu Pacheco
Saltwater Specialist
Pahoa, Hawaii

After one month of fishing with the Green Magnet I have come to the conclusion that it really works. I've caught many fish and some unusual catches every night that I have used the Green Magnet. Please find enclosed several pictures of some of my catches while using the Green Magnet.

Capt. Manu and his crew (Mike and Kim) have been putting the
Green Magnet to good use !!!